Liquid Mineral FAQ's

Can I take more than the recommended daily dose?

- Our products are a supplement meaning that we are only meant to complete or enhance what you get from your daily food and water source. Supplements are not meant to give you 100% of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance). If you feel like you need more than what the dosage suggests we recommend speaking with your doctor to see how depleted you are. 

Why is ionic liquid more absorbent than pills, powders, chewables, colloidal etc?

- Pills etc have fillers, dyes, coatings and more in/around them. When you ingest a pill it has to reach your digestive tract before it can start being broken down by your body. Some pill coatings contain pork and can take 8 hours alone for the body to break through before it reaches the inside of the capsule, during this time the capsule is still working its way towards exiting your body. Minerals from foods as well as pills, capsules, chewables, powders, colloidal etc are absorbed when they reach the small intestine. The body then has to “charge” the ions in these minerals to be able to absorb them. (See our article section for a detailed breakdown of this) When you have natural ionic liquid minerals like ours, we have no capsule or fillers for the body to break down, the minerals are small enough and are already “charged” making it easy for them to cross over the membrane wall and be absorbed by the body using little to no energy thus increasing the absorption rate.

What type of Magnesium do you use? 

- We only use PURE magnesium from a certified mineral distributor out of the United States of America. Our Magnesium, just like the rest of our products come with a certificate of purity. We never use any minerals that are less than 99.9% pure. We do not use any synthetic minerals in any of our products. The magnesium we use is the exact same kind that would be absorbed from the ground by the food you eat. 

Why is the potassium only .5% of the RDA?

- The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) does not have many regulations on supplements, however Potassium has a big role to play with cardiac health. For this reason if you take too much Potassium or if it is too strong it can cause heart palpitations or cardiac issues so therefore the FDA has put a 2% of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) restriction on all Potassium supplements. If any Potassium supplement has a RDA percent greater than 2%, they are not following FDA guidelines and are subject to penalties, fines and most importantly endangering their customers. There are a few other minerals with restrictions as well and we follow all that the FDA has put in place. 

Why do some say not to take silver everyday?

- Silver is mostly used for those who suffer from seasonal allergies or they use it for wound care such as cuts or burns on the skin. The human body is not able to process silver like it does other minerals so therefore it can build up in your body if used extensively over a very prolonged period of time. 

Some say if you take silver you will turn blue, is that true?

-Depends. Our product of silver is 100 PPM (Parts Per Million) and is not enough to turn a person blue. Plus our silver stays suspended so that every single dose will be consistent from the first to the last dose. Colloidal Silver is what you have to worry about. When you have to shake a bottle of colloidal silver the reason for that is to “mix” the particles with the solution they are in. This means that every dose will not be consistent and when you get near the bottom of the bottle it will be more concentrated than what the label is telling you and that is when people can turn blue from colloidal. We are not colloidal, we are ionic. 

Do I have to eat before taking your products?

- No, you do not have to eat before taking any of the Smart A-Z Minerals products. The best time to take them is in the morning since many of the minerals in our product line have been found to help with boosting energy. 

Do I have to mix it with a drink (juice or water)?

- No, you can take the minerals by themselves but they will taste metallic. That is why we suggest mixing them in a few ounces of water, juice, coffee, tea, sports drinks etc. We do not suggest mixing them with any soda or alcohol. The ingredients in soda and alcohol can cause the minerals to fall out of suspension and be less bio-available.

Do I have to shake the bottle before use or refrigerate it after opening?

- No, our products are consistent till the last drop so you do not need to shake the bottle since there is nothing to mix. The minerals are always in suspension. After opening your products all you need to do is store them in a room temperature area that is out of direct sunlight like a cabinet, pantry, or even on the counter.

Do I need to stop taking my other supplements if I am switching to your product of the same thing?

- Depends, if you are taking a supplement that your doctor prescribed you (pill or liquid) we always recommend that you talk to them before you switch products. If you are taking a supplement on your own or your doctor told you to just pick one up from the drug store then yes, I would either finish what you have first or switch to ours but I would not take both. 

How do I know what I am deficient in?

- Unfortunately the mass majority of the world is depleted in minerals and vitamins because of 3 main things… 

1- Soil depletion; crops are being mass produced and many have been crossbred to grow bigger, faster. This means the crops are not in the ground long enough to absorb all of the nutrients that they need. Oftentimes the crops are not rotated like they should since different crops absorb different nutrients which would allow the ground to re-mineralize between the different crop cycles.

2- Bottled and highly filtered water; bottle water is cleaned by a process called reverse osmosis meaning it strips the minerals from the water. This is shown on the bottle water label in most cases.  Some companies add trace amounts of minerals back into the water but not enough to really matter and add up to anything. If they did add enough minerals back into it you would be able to taste it. House filtered water removes some of the minerals but not to the degree of bottled water companies. 

3- Ultra Processed Foods; processed foods lack many nutrients and the more processed they are the less nutrients you will get from them. With everyone living in a fast paced world, processed foods are often cheaper, faster and easier to get. This is why taking supplements is more important now than ever. 

What is a trace mineral and how does it differ from your product?

- There are trace minerals that the body needs and then there are products that have trace amounts of minerals. These are 2 different things. A trace mineral is also called a micro mineral. These are minerals that are essential for the human body to function but in smaller amounts compared to macro minerals. Trace amounts of minerals in a product has to do with the PPM (Parts Per Million) to where the amount you will be getting is of no great value. Many Calcium products have trace amounts for example because their PPM is around 600-700 in the whole bottle. This is just enough to tease your body so to speak. Our Calcium  PPM is 12,350 which is not a trace amount. 

Do you use any heavy metals?

- No, we do not use any heavy metals. Some heavy metal examples are lead, mercury and chromium. None of which you will see in our ingredients. 

Do you make custom blended products or products at a higher percentage if I can get a prescription from a doctor?

- No, what you see is what we have. We are not a pharmacy and can not make something specific for just one person even with a doctor's permission. Some of our products take up to 2 months to make and we make them in very large batches. Also some minerals have FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulations set that companies have to follow and are not allowed to make over a certain RDA  (Recommended Daily Allowance) percent of that mineral. Potassium and Iodine are a couple of them. 

I take some of the individual Smart A-Z Minerals products. Can I mix them in the same glass?

- Yes, we even have some people who use the individual minerals that will pre-make their minerals a few days ahead of time in the small plastic cups with lids. The only thing we suggest is that you do not make them too far in advance so that the minerals will not fall out of suspension since the individual bottles are more concentrated than the EZ-8. This is why the doses are different but the percentages are the same if you compare our individual bottles to the EZ-8. We special formulated the EZ-8 to prevent the minerals from falling out of suspension. 

When I add the silver to some of my other minerals in a clear glass, it looks kind of cloudy, is that normal?

- Yes, the silver whenever added to some of the other products wants to bind with them and will give it that cloudy color. Nothing is wrong with it, I just wouldn’t mix them until you are ready to take them so that the particles don’t fall out of suspension. If left sitting mixed too long the particles could fall out of suspension and you will see the minerals at the bottom of the cup. 

I love the ionic liquid minerals. Will you be making vitamins too?

- Yes, we are in the process of working on vitamins, B6, B12, C, D and K. They will also be all liquid and ionic. Follow us on all of our social media accounts and be sure you are signed up for our monthly newsletters to know when we release new products! 

Is the Copper Plus Immune Booster the only product you sell in the small 2 oz bottle with a dropper?

- Yes, all of the products are in the 16 oz bottles except for the Copper Plus Immune Booster. The concentration of the Copper Plus Immune Booster is much stronger than any of our other products so you only need a small amount of it. 

What is the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for each product? 

- This is based on age mostly and for some minerals it can also be based on gender (male vs female). For example Iodine is highly important for women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. They need almost double compared to a woman who is not pregnant or breastfeeding. We follow the RDA numbers that the FDA has listed on their website. 

Do you ever have promos or specials?

- Yes, we have monthly specials that we send out in our monthly newsletters and the specials always run for 2 weeks. We also run promos at every show we attend. You can find out where we will be on our website under the contact us / events tab or follow us on social media. 

Do you have a subscription membership or monthly auto-ship?

-Not yet! We are currently working on setting up a monthly auto ship. It will be ready before 2022 starts. As far as yearly subscriptions/subscribers we have talked about that but we have not had enough interest in it from our current customers at this time. If we knew we had enough interest we would definitely look into doing something like that. So please let us know by commenting on our social media accounts. 

Where is the next show or expo you will be at? 

- If you look under the contact us / events tab on our website it has all of our upcoming shows and some photos from our previous ones. We also post about them on our social media pages as they get closer. 

Can I book Smart A-Z Minerals for a health fair for show?

- Always ask! We do try to do a show or fair a month, but some of them can be long so we have to make sure we have the staff available for those dates. We like to accommodate those that do ask if we can. North Carolina / East Coast is the easiest since that is where our main sales team is located. 

Can anyone be a distributor for Smart A-Z Minerals? 

- For the most part. We are looking for distributors that have stores or shops that would be able to display the products and also be able to educate their customers on the Smart A-Z Minerals product line. You can be a hairdresser, have a dance/yoga studio, be a massage therapist or have a doctors office and be a distributor. If you are interested in becoming a distributor please reach out to us by sending us a message through our contact us section of our website.