Our Process

Raw Minerals

We begin by choosing only the purest forms of minerals. All minerals must meet our expectation of 99% pure or higher. 

Liquid form

Our eco-friendly process breaks down each mineral to its Ionic / Angstrom state. From there we purify our water extensively to reach the highest purification levels. Once finished we mix our minerals with the purified water ensuring that optimal milligram levels have been met for your body.


To certify that our products are safe and that all mineral concentrates are at the proper level, we test each batch of product thoroughly. This is essential for delivering a product that is Vegan Certified, Gluten Free, and BPA Free; all while delivering the proper amounts of each mineral for children and adults. 


Once testing is complete and we’ve received confirmation that each product has met our expectations, it is then transferred to our sterile mineral tanks for bottling.


Our product is then bottled in carefully selected, 100% recyclable bottles.