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Minerals are required for a body to maintain health. Most natural water sources throughout the World have at least some mineral content. Water filtration and many processed bottled waters have reduced mineral content that helps contribute to mineral deficiencies. Foods are a very important and a primary source of vital minerals. Depleted soils reduce the amount of minerals contained in food and can also lead to mineral deficiencies.

Many people opt for mineral supplements thanks to their concentration, purity, and potential health benefits. Magnesium, for instance, assists regulating blood pressure as well as the body’s level of blood glucose. Calcium promotes strong bones and may prevent bone loss when combined with proper diet and exercise, potentially reducing the chances of developing diseases like osteoporosis.

For those people who maintain a regular exercise routine, mineral supplements can provide essential nutrients that help with replacing electrolytes that are lost after an intense workout session. Thanks to minerals like potassium, sodium, and bicarbonate, the body stays replenished and can maintain its performance. Minerals can help with digestion, kidney protection and a host of other great benefits.

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Smart A-Z Minerals is determined to provide healthy and safe ionic minerals for our customers. We will use only the highest quality minerals and ultra clean bottling practices in production of our products. We aim to produce cellular available minerals with consistently accurate mineral levels that are pure and clean.

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