2 Surprising Causes of Hair Loss

It is no secret that our body needs to be properly fueled with the right vitamins and minerals, along with proper exercise and rest, but did you know the lack of this can lead to hair loss? Hair loss is common as people age, but people of any age can be impacted by hair loss due to poor nutrition and several other factors, including certain medications. 

Diets that are too low in certain vitamins and minerals, like iron, can cause hair loss. If you are experiencing this, talk to your doctor - they may ask you to take a blood test to see if you have any kind of deficiency that may be the root cause. Otherwise, ensuring you have enough vitamins and minerals in your diet (liquid mineral supplements are a great way to ensure you have the proper amount). Supplements from mineral water company, Smart A-Z, are a safe, all-natural alternative to avoid hair loss and stimulate healthy hair growth. A daily dose of copper, zinc, and calcium is a great start. 

Certain medications can lead to hair loss, including blood thinners (warfarin is a common one), Accutane (often used to treat cystic acne), antidepressants including the common medications Prozac and Zoloft, beta-blockers (used to lower stress on the heart and blood vessels, along with managing migraines, tremors, and anxiety), and drugs that lower cholesterol. 

If you think your hair could be falling out due to this medication, see your doctor immediately for an exam. They may lower dosage, switch medications, or determine a new course of action.