Could Copper Be Used to Prevent Disease?

Copper has long been used for health reasons. Ancient Egyptians and Babylonian soldiers sharpened their swords of bronze (copper and tin alloy) following a battle, putting the fillings in any present wounds to help prevent infections and speed up the healing process. In ancient China and India, copper was a staple to help cure various diseases and illnesses. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates used copper oxide and copper carbonate, among other chemicals and natural compounds, to help heal skin infections. The French used copper to protect themselves from cholera epidemics. Copper is truly a super mineral. 


Copper can help fight against infections by releasing copper ions when microbes land on a copper surface. Microbes can come from transferring germs by touching, sneezing, and even vomiting. The ions present in the copper surface defend against cell respiration, destroying the DNA and RNA present in the microbes. 


This is a huge deal - no mutation can occur in this instance. Copper alloy is known to kill superbugs, which include MRSA and those that are the leading cause of hospital-acquired infection. The genes in these microbes are destroyed, so antibiotic-resistant genes cannot go any farther. Global studies had shown that in routine cleaning, when the copper alloy was used consistently on high-traffic surfaces in the ICU, there was nearly a 90% reduction in the number of live bacteria on those surfaces (bed rails, call buttons, IV poles, door handles, etc.)


Copper surfaces can help wipe out germs, no matter what mutations the virus has over the years. It could be one of the best front-line defenses over many illnesses. 


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