Ensuring Heart Health with Potassium Minerals

Thousands of years ago, potassium was abundant in a human’s diet. Nowadays, the average American diet contains about twice as much sodium as potassium. This reversal in human evolution is in large part due to the added, and oftentimes hidden,  salt in processed and prepared foods. This lack of balance in our modern diet is considered to be a main factor in poor heart health. 

Fortunately, science has proven how potassium helps to regulate the heartbeat and ensure proper function of the muscles and nerves. When it comes to heart health, blood pressure has been a critical indicator for strokes and heart disease. As a result, keeping your blood pressure within healthy levels is an essential part of overall long-term health.

A healthy heart comes from a well-balanced diet. Keeping track of your blood pressure is as simple as keeping track of what you eat. As an essential mineral, potassium is an important part of a heart healthy diet. 

While most pharmaceuticals and box brands laude Bananas as a great source of potassium, how many bananas can you eat in a day? 

If the answer is anything less than 10 (the recommended daily amount of potassium), liquid mineral supplements will help your body receive the necessary nutrients to keep your heart running smoothly. A daily intake of liquid potassium minerals will encourage muscle building and blood pumping to support a strong and healthy heart. 

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