Liquid Mineral Supplements Can Help Seasonal Allergies

There is nothing peskier than starting the summer season only to be cooped up inside because you are bogged down with seasonal allergies and sinus pressure. While we celebrate the sunshine and warmth returning, the reality is for many, this shift in weather can cause allergic reactions to pollen, dust, and other particles in the air. 

Allergies occur when foreign material is responded to in the immune system. The most common allergens are pollen (more specifically from ragweed) and pet dander, but this can change on a seasonal basis. Where you are located can also impact the timing and severity of seasonal allergies, but certain climate factors can influence your symptoms:

  • Tree, grass, and ragweed pollen love cool nights and warm days, making spring and early summer its prime time.

  • Heat and humidity.

  • Pollen levels are higher in the morning. 

  • A rainy season. 

  • Windy and warm days can cause pollen counts to soar. 

When you have an allergic reaction to these allergens, antibodies are formed from the immune system, which will recognize an allergen as unhealthy, even if it truly is not. Symptoms can vary from person to person, but common symptoms include stuffy noses, skin inflammation, itchy skin, itchy eyes, and pressure in the ears and sinus cavities. 

If you suffer from chronic seasonal allergies, natural remedies like liquid mineral supplements targeted to allergies may be right for you. A regular dose of minerals like boron and silver can help you fight off those pesky symptoms. Mineral water company Smart A-Z provides bottles for purchase online that provide up to 95 daily servings. 

The recommended daily amounts of each will depend on the person. Factors such as age, health, and other conditions will influence how much you should take. Always consult your doctor with any questions about adding mineral supplements to your diet.