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Potassium is essential for all life functions and provides health benefits for the heart, kidneys, and other organs. Low potassium levels are linked to heart diseases such as high blood pressure and strokes, and other conditions and diseases like arthritis, cancer, infertility, and some digestive issues. Deficiencies are the most common in people with physically demanding jobs, athletes, those with pre-existing heart conditions, those with Crohn's disease, eating disorders, and those who smoke. Incorporating potassium liquid mineral supplements into your diet can help prevent all of this if you have low levels of potassium. 

Potassium can also increase bone mineral density. Modern, westernized diets are low in alkali sources (IE fruits and vegetables) but are higher in acids that come from fish, meat, and dairy. An off pH balance can take alkaline calcium salt from the bone to neutralize your body's pH balance. A proper potassium intake can reduce the net acid content from food consumption and protect the bone's calcium.

Muscle cramps can be prevented with potassium since it is lost during exercise. Take potassium from Smart A-Z, a mineral water company, along with sodium before and throughout exercises to prevent electrolyte loss and even when your workout is done. 

You can get potassium from food, but mineral supplements are a good idea if you are still not getting the right intake. If you have questions about incorporating potassium into your diet, always consult your physician first.