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Tips for How to Reduce Everyday Stress

It is difficult to find "stress relief," and many of us resort to using TV shows, alcohol, and social media as a coping mechanism to stress.  Even if these activities are enjoyable, it's important to recognize when they're simply functioning as a diversion from more pressing concerns. Rather than whirling in a million directions or looping on unpleasant thoughts, our muscles should feel comfortable and our minds should be at rest. If you’re looking to reduce stress and bring more harmony to your life, here are four simple strategies:  Breathe Meditation is a popular stress-reduction method. For those who might be intimidated by meditation, basic breathing exercises can help you relax and enter the parasympathetic rest and digest state.  ...

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Smart A-Z Debuts on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

On Saturday, May 15, Smart A-Z liquid mineral supplements company Co-Founder Sam Haycraft and Vice President of Marketing Samie Drake went live with Kathy Ireland on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland to show Smart A-Z's new EZ-8 liquid supplement.  EZ-8 has enough liquid supplement of your daily doses of boron, calcium, copper, iodine, indium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc to last you for 32 days, and is the top 8 essential minerals recommended by the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the NIAHS. EZ-8 is also bioavailable, meaning it can enter circulation when brought into the body, so it has an optimal active effect. The team also talked about how people today are simply not getting enough minerals in their...

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