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Three Supplements for Muscle Recovery and Growth

Competitive athletes and those who engage in strength-focused activities or desire to acquire bulk should utilize muscle building supplements. If developing and maintaining a dense muscular mass will help you progress in your sport or body goals, you should think about using the following supplements to promote muscle growth and recovery. Protein Supplements You need protein to achieve your goals of building lean muscle mass. The body receives the amino acids it needs to build and repair muscle mass from a high protein diet. Lean protein supplements, such protein powder, can aid in weight gain and speed up the body's recovery after a strenuous lifting session. Potassium Supplements You've probably heard that if you want to feel less painful the...

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Can Potassium Liquid Mineral Supplements Help with Lower Back Pain?

Whether you work an active job or spend your days sitting at a desk, lower back pain can be tough to manage. If your lower back pain is more acute in the morning but reduces throughout the day, it may be your kidneys rather than your muscles that are causing the discomfort. Painful kidneys can be a serious problem. Your kidneys will suffer if you don't make an effort to stay hydrated, as their primary function is to filter blood and expel waste items through urine. Without enough water, waste products won't be removed as efficiently, and other health problems, such as recurring urinary tract infections, may appear. As is common knowledge, if you consume too much salt in your...

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