The Benefits of Boron Liquid Mineral Supplements

Boron is naturally found in our water and food, but most people do not get enough to be healthy. Boron deficiency is caused by a combination of low soil content, current farming techniques, and a lack of boron-rich foods, such as organic fruits, nuts, legumes, and vegetables. Despite the fact that boron is always being researched, boron has been found to be beneficial for:

Health of the Bones

Boron prevents vitamin D degradation and increases the amount of vitamin D accessible in the body. Because vitamin D is necessary for bone health, boron is also necessary for healthy bones.

Healing Wounds

Boron appears to be vital for wound healing. It could play a role in the creation of fibrous proteins, such as collagen and other chemicals that aid in the repair of skin, bones, and other tissues.

Health of the Mind

Boron deficiency reduces brain activity in both animals and humans. People with exceptionally low levels of boron had a shorter attention span and a poorer short-term memory. They also performed poorly on dexterity and coordination tests.

Hormone Balance

Boron deficiency has been associated with fertility issues and birth defects in animals, implying that boron is required for both conception and proper fetal development. Boron also aids hormone health by boosting testosterone and estrogen levels, as well as alleviating menopausal and PMS symptoms.

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