The Potent Power of Copper

As scientists continue to work diligently toward finding an effective cure for COVID-19, some recent news out of Chile provides potentially encouraging prospects regarding copper. A laboratory there is utilizing copper to create disinfectants comprised of nanoparticles that can disinfect and destroy viruses on surfaces.

The example above is one of the most latest uses for a metal that appears to have ever more potent abilities, including destroying microorganisms. Copper is now used as a coating in a number of applications and industries including salmon farm cages to gym equipment to cages. Another manufacturer of copper also based in Chile, has advocated using the metal in schools, airports, and even in clothing items like socks.

While much research has yet to be done about copper, it’s another step towards a future potentially free of the virus. In the meantime, you can try one of our Smart A-Z Minerals waters like the Copper Plus packed with essential minerals like zinc, calcium, and more. Copper helps the body as an antioxidant and may help with maintaining the skin. It may also assist with expediting the healing of wounds, a common problem among athletes.

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