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Tips for How to Reduce Everyday Stress

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Tips for How to Reduce Everyday Stress

May 12, 2022

Tips for How to Reduce Everyday Stress

It is difficult to find "stress relief," and many of us resort to using TV shows, alcohol, and social media as a coping mechanism to stress.  Even if these activities are enjoyable, it's important to recognize when they're simply functioning as a diversion from more pressing concerns. Rather than whirling in a million directions or looping on unpleasant thoughts, our muscles should feel comfortable and our minds should be at rest. If you’re looking to reduce stress and bring more harmony to your life, here are four simple strategies: 


Meditation is a popular stress-reduction method. For those who might be intimidated by meditation, basic breathing exercises can help you relax and enter the parasympathetic rest and digest state.


Low-Intensity Exercises

Running, extreme sports, or weight training may increase cortisol production and aggravate the stress response. Endorphins provide a "runner's high," but they also leave you exhausted and burned out. Instead, try walking, yoga, or even dance. These movements will still get your blood flowing but will not produce the stress hormone release. They also help the body release tension and emotions held in the tissues.

Connect With Others

We are often captivated by our problems and never-ending to-do lists as a result of stress. Genuine human connection allows us to step outside of our troubles and observe what is going on around us in the current moment. Make a phone call to a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a long time and talk about something other than your daily stresses. Even better, get out and do something fun with other people. 

Try Supplements 

The tips above can help relieve stress while also preventing additional stress. Still, stress is prevalent in our society, and supplementation, when taken as part of a stress management approach, can help support your body's stress response. Known as the “anti-stress” mineral, magnesium is naturally calming. Liquid Magnesium supplements can help to relax nerves and relieve everyday stressors.

Smart A-Z Minerals, a provider of mineral supplements, offers ionic minerals of the highest quality that are both healthy and safe. For more information about liquid mineral supplements, visit us online. 

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