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Allergies arise when a foreign material such as pollen, pet dander, or food that does not induce a response in other people is responded to by the immune system.

Substances known as antibodies are formed by the immune system. Your immune system produces antibodies that recognize a single allergen as unhealthy when you have allergies, even if it is not. The reaction of your immune system may inflame your skin, sinuses, airways, or digestive system when you come into contact with the allergen. The severity of allergies ranges from individual to individual.

If you have allergies, seasons like spring will affect you a bit differently. You may wish to explore natural remedies like liquid mineral supplements for allergies that may help the body tackle those pesky allergies that show up at the worst times.

A regular dose of minerals, especially boron and silver, can assist with your allergy symptoms. For each order you make, Smart AZ Minerals provides up to 95 servings. Enjoy the convenience without the side effects or the potential costs involved when relying on a pharmacy.

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