Brain & Nerves

The human brain is an intricate organ needing proper nutrients and minerals for optimal function. It has been shown that dietary deficits lead to the development of psychological conditions, age-related cognitive impairment, and developmental disorders. Both human and animal research, on the other hand, indicate that improved brain-supporting food consumption increases multiple facets of cognitive functioning, like memory and learning new things.

It is no mystery that the key to maintaining the health of the body is vitamins and minerals. It has been proven that everyday minerals help reduce strokes, heart disease, lower blood pressure and assist with memory. Minerals also aid with cognitive functions.

Smart A-Z Minerals provides liquid mineral supplements for brain and nerves with magnesium, copper, potassium, boron, and zinc. The routine maintenance your body requires to remain healthy and work properly is may involve a daily dose of these minerals. There may be as many as 95 daily portions in one bottle, which helps you to focus on your well-being instead of having to worry about constant refills.

Brain & Nerves Products