Diabetes mellitus generally referred to simply as diabetes, is a category of metabolic diseases defined over an extended period by an elevated level of blood sugar. Persistent urination, elevated hunger, and increased appetite are also symptoms. Diabetes can cause multiple problems if it is not treated.

It's commonly known that a healthy diet is an integral component in controlling or preventing diabetes. But for many, it’s easier said than done. We lose the minerals and nutrients that our body requires and without us even noticing it, due to reasons such as today's growers and producers using additives to produce crops quicker and keep foods looking healthy longer.

That's why a way to ensure the body gets the diet it needs is something highly encouraged by the Smart A-Z Minerals products. You may help the fight against diabetes with a dosage liquid mineral supplements for diabetes containing Boron, Magnesium, and Zinc. Our minerals provide the recommended daily dosage, with each bottle serving up to three months before re-ordering. Why wait? Order yours today!

Diabetes Products