Minerals are essential for hair to survive, but what minerals should you be consuming? What if there was a safe, all-natural way to avoid hair loss and stimulate the strong growth of healthy hair? The first step towards achieving this is to focus on your daily diet and supplying your body with the vitamins and minerals it may be lacking.

For hair loss prevention and improved hair growth, a daily dose of copper, zinc, and calcium can prove to be an excellent start. This daily routine does not only help with hair, but it supports the body's positive chemistry and well-being. Zinc is involved in several of the processes used by the body to produce hair. If we lack sufficient zinc, it will make our hair dry. It is also involved in the synthesis of testosterone, which means more DHT may develop without zinc, which can cause hair follicles to shorten. In our sebaceous glands in the scalp, it also helps control the production of oil.

Smart A-Z Minerals products have a bulk amount of each mineral to reduce the price you spend while potentially boosting your health.

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