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Iodine is an essential component of the thyroid hormones Triiodothyronine T-3 and Thuroxine T-4 and is crucial for thyroid function. The thyroid hormones are vital to the development of organs and the epidermal layers of the brain. Iodine also regulates the body’s metabolism, the body’s thermostat, and its blood vessels.

Iodine supports:

  •       And is critical for the mental and physical growth and development of children.
  •       Adult mental and physical health maintenance.
  •       Good IQ and learning abilities.
  •       Good memory.
  •       Healthy heart and vascular system.
  •       Good skin and hair.
  •       Healthy response to temperature changes.
  •       Joint and muscle health.
  •       Good mood.
  •       Healthy thyroid.
  •       Thyroid hormones made with Iodine are “activated” in the presence of Selenium. 
  •       Energy production through burning fat.
  •       Good digestive system.
  •       Healthy intestinal movement.
  •       Good stomach health.
  •       Iodine, in tandem with Zincworks to keep the stomach healthy.
  •       Good immune system.
  •       It is effective against an assortment of fungi and some harmful varieties of bacteria. *^


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